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Why Use 409 Exhaust Pipes?

409 Stainless is a softer form of 304. It IS magnetic, but still retains some anti-rusting materials. Normally used in after market exhaust systems from the "BIG GUYS", 409 stainless is the best for exhaust. It bends just as easy as steel and aluminized with the same "springback" as those materials. It looks great, welds great and is highly under rated in the aftermarket "builds" you see on youtube and other websites. 409 can be welded with a MIG welder or TIG welded for a better look. 409 DOES NOT RETURN TO IT'S ORIGINAL SHAPE WHEN HEATED. In other words, if you make an exhaust system with this material, it will retain it's shape when heated. The bends just stay where they are bent. Kind of hard to find, but is best on exhaust. Not very polish-able as the exterior has to be sanded to be super smooth prior to polishing. Will discolor over time. Doesn't "rust out" like steel. Life expectancy is 20+ years if you use 16 gauge. If you use 18 gauge (thinner material) I would assume 15 years+

14th Feb 2020

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