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At Truck Pipes USA, we are committed to supplying aftermarket exhaust for trucking fleets, OEM's, Private drivers, tractor supply and more. 

We are one of the largest online Wholesale Aftermarket Suppliers; providing quality Direct Fit Aftermarket Heavy Duty Truck exhaust pipes, fittings, DPF's and companion parts.





  • Our pricing 20% TO 50% BELOW CURRENT MARKET RATES
  • Our Partner Plants combined produce between 10,000 to 20,000 EXHAUST ASSEMBLIES EACH DAY for Medium and Heavy Duty truck pipe exhaust applications and more.
  • Our facilities are located throughout North America (USA).  NO CHINESE PARTS  EVER!!!
  • All of our pipes adhere to TS16929 quality standards; meeting or exceeding OEM specifications 

Truck Pipes USA

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