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What is an Exhaust Reducer?

An ID to OD Reducing exhaust connector is a small length pipe that is designed to join two different sized pipes together.

One end of the reduced exhaust coupler pipe plugs into the other end to connect one device to another. Reducer come in 4 different types and are either male, OD or female ID, in which the male connector can be inserted.

A lot of our customers use Connectors or Couplers to add on to existing pipes for more length, or to change the size from Smaller to Larger diameter exhaust pipes.

What Type of Ends do I need with my Exhaust Connector?

When purchasing a connector, please make sure that you are getting the right size and have the correct ends figured correctly.

  • ID = Inside Diameter
  • OD = Outside Diameter

You can think of the pipe with an ID end as being the Female end of the Pipe. An OD ended pipe will fit inside of the ID.