Diesel Pickup Exhaust Systems

All Stack Kits include:

  • Ultra-high quality WFC-series preformed 304 Stainless clamps
  • Westfalia 304 Stainless flex hose.

WHY replace a perfectly good stock exhaust system on your diesel truck?  

Cardinal rule #1: Diesels HATE backpressure! Diesel pickup owners who have researched performance upgrades to their trucks' exhaust know several things are true.

  1. Exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) will drop when a better flowing exhaust system is installed - this is a good thing especially when towing.
  2. A larger diameter down-pipe a/k/a Turbo Pipe will allow for greater flow volume, as will a straight-through low-backpressure muffler, & the rest of the pipes in the system as well.
  3. Better flow = more Horsepower, Torque, & FUEL MILEAGE!


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