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What Exhaust Parts are used in an Exhaust System?

What Exhaust Parts are used in an Exhaust System?

From the manifold to the exhaust stack, you’ll find that TruckpipesUSA can be the best source for your exhaust system accessories. The system diagrams below represent typical components found on exhaust systems.

Bent Tubes & Elbows 

For directional changes of exhaust flow in exhaust systems. Available in common angles (90°, 67° and 45°) for both O.D. and I.D. tube connections. 

Wye Connector

For joining legs of dual manifold outlet to form a single exhaust system. Wye connectors can provide an additional 3 to 7 dBA exhaust noise reduction over that of the primary muffler and may also be used to replace conventional wye pipe. 


Secondary noise reduction component that generally provides 2 to 3 dbA additional noise reduction. 


(Straight or Flexible) Straight or flexible tubing for connection to muffler or resonator. Purchased in standard lengths and cut to size if needed. 


The primary component in an exhaust system for engine noise reduction. 

Exhaust Filter or Emissions Device 

Traditional exhaust systems with mufflers are transitioning from noise reduction devices to emissions reduction devices to meet federal and state regulations. The primary component in the emissions device converts or captures exhaust emissions to reduce overall engine emissions. An emissions reduction device can be an add-on installed into the existing system or a retrofit muffler replacing the original muffler.


Secures the muffler or pipe horizontally or vertically to chassis or side of cab. 

Reducers, Connectors & Expanders 

Shorter length tubes used for connecting two other exhaust pipes of different diameters or the same diameter. 

Spark Arrestor 

An exhaust system add-on used to capture sparks emitted from internal combustion engines through the exhaust system. All models are U.S. Forest Service approved. 

Splitter Tee Adapter 

An adapter pipe with one inlet and two outlet tubes used to convert a single exhaust system to a dual exhaust system. 

Stack or Tail Pipes 

Vertically mounted outlet pipe; available in curved outlet or straight squared configuration. Note: Super stacks also available that can offer an additional 2 to 3 dBA noise reduction with no backpressure penalty. 

Stack Cap 

Moisture protector used on vertically mounted mufflers or stack pipes. 


Exhaust systems use a variety of exhaust clamps. Selecting the proper clamp for the job is critical to a strong, reliable joint connection. Common types include u-bolt, band clamps, bent bolt clamps and v-band clamps.

1st Feb 2023 Daniel Byanski

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