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How to Order and Cut Flex Exhaust Hose

How to Order and Cut Flex Exhaust Hose

How to Order Flex Hose: 

Determine your usage needs. Flex pipe is sold in a variety of lengths including precut lengths. All lengths range from 2.5" to 10" in diameter. Order by the part number, not by the foot.


When you are ready to put Flex Pipe to use, follow these instructions for determining length to cut the Flex pipe. Note: All flexible metal tubing is measured fully extended.

IMPORTANT: When Measuring & Cutting, keep the open side of the Flex Pipe to your right. To determine the open end, turn the end of the pipe toward you and look for the rings to wrap ON TOP of each other

How to CUT 

There are three ways to cut Flex Pipe. Select one that suits your equipment

Visit our FLEX Section and choose the right one for your application


27th Aug 2020 Daniel Byanski

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