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Welding Tips

Welding Tips


Filler Metal: Use a mild steel filler, 3⁄32" diameter, free of rust. (American Welding Society classification A5.2) 

DO NOT use copper coated filler metal.

Welding Equipment: Use a number 3 or 4 tip. Observe instructions of the equipment manufacturer when adjusting the operating pressures at the gas regulators.

Procedure: Clean the parts to be welded thoroughly. Incline the torch at a 45° angle away from the direction of travel. Use the forehand welding technique. Keep the torch flame on the tip of the filler rod, not in the center of the puddle.


  1. Any one of the following rods are recommended:
  2. Raco Fer-Al (Reid-Avery Co.), E-6011 (P. & H.)
  3. Fleetwood 47 (Lincoln), W-52 (General Electric)
  4. Flex-Arc LOH-2 (Westinghouse), Stainless Steel
  5. Rods Type 309 or 310 and Low Hydrogen Rods
  6. E-7015, E-7016 or E-7018.


Carbon dioxide shielding gas is used with A-675 Airco Wire.

27th Aug 2020 Daniel Byanski

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