Vehicle MakeEngineTypeSpecsOur Part #OEM Part #
Freightliner Freightliner DPF Detroit Diesel: DD15   A0004903792, A0014907692, A6804903792, A6804910894, A6804913494, A6804913594, A6804914194, EA0014903492, EA0014903592, EA00149803492, EA6804910894, RA0004903792, RA0014903492, RA00149803492, RA6804903792, A-DDXH-DJ0806-K, C0080-SA, C080-SA, C17-0076
Freightliner Detroit S60 DPF Cascadia 125/Detroit S60 DPF   A6804908692, A6804910294, A6804910594, EA6804910594, EA6804910294, 23537225, DN1501, C0002-SA, C17-0036
Freightliner Cascadia DD15 DPF Freightliner Cascadia DD15 DPF   A0004903692, A6804910494, EA6804910494, RA0004903692, C0088-SA
Freightliner Cascadia   DOC Freightliner Cascadia Detroit engine DOC   EA6804905814


Vehicle MakeEngineTypeSpecsOur Part #OEM Part #
International   DOC International DOC   2612800C91
International   DPF Navistar: Maxxforce DPF   2608438C91, 3936996C91, 2606157C9, 4166543, C0156-SA
International 4300 Maxxforce 7 DPF Navistar Maxxforce 7 DPF   2594131C91, 2604430C91, 2604430R91, 2605039C91, 2612512C91, 2612521C91, 2613113C91, 3712647C91, 5010832R91, 5010843R1, 5010853R1, A00420195, A00574039, 82002806, C17-0064, C0048-SA C0020-SA
International 4300 Maxxforce DPF Navistar: Maxxforce 9 DPF   2604870C91, 2604870R91, 2605796C91, 2611630C91, 5010846R1, 5010852R1, A00317258, MN1009, MN1029, C0078-SA, C17-0062
International 4300   DOC Navistar/Maxxforce   2605802C1, 5011044R1, 2605126C1, 2605128C1, C0138-ID
International Prostar Paccar MX-13/Cummins ISX DPF International Prostar DPF/Kenworth T800   1827739PEX, 2871578NX, Q629458, C0066-SA, C0067-SA, C17-0037
International Prostar Cummins: ISX DOC International Prostar DOC   2885941NX, 2888263NX, C0109-ID, C20-0028
International Prostar Cummins: ISX DOC International Prostar DOC   5309560NX, 4353264NX, C0152-ID
International Prostar Cummins ISX DOC Cummins ISX   2888262NX, 4969721NX, 2606971NX, 2880259NX, A030X734, Q62230, 4936734NX, 2607044C91, C20-0020, C0016-ID, XN0506, 4969721NX, C0083-ID, 4965079NX, Q620939
International Terrastar Maxxforce/Navistar DPF/DOC combo Maxxforce/Navistar DPF/DOC combo   2609066C91, C0148-HF, 2609066C91, 3792700C94, 3792700C95, 5010910R91, ENV-DPFDOC-C0148HF, DIN65033


Vehicle MakeEngineTypeSpecsOur Part #OEM Part #
Kenworth Cummins ISX DPF Cummins ISX   1827310PEX, 2871581NX, 5579293, 5579293RX, Q629458, Q629477
Kenworth T660 Cummins DPF Cummins ISX DPF   C17-0032, C0001-SA, 2880168NX, 4965129NX, 4965226NX, 4969702NX, 5283778NX, 5283669NX, 5297522NX, 4969700NX, 4969701NX, 5297990NX, 5283669NX, 5297522NX, 5283778NX, 5297990NX, 4969702NX, 4388409RX
Kenworth T800 Cummins ISX DOC Cummins ISX DOC   2888247NX, A035W856, 4695304NX, C20-007, C0015-ID, XN0502, C20-0007
Kenworth T800 Cummins DOC Kenworth T800/Cummins DOC   4353284NX, 4329542NX, A047V484, 1978265PE, C0187-ID, C0163-ID


Vehicle MakeEngineTypeSpecsOur Part #OEM Part #
Mack   DPF 2018 Mack MRU613   22342601, 22761989, 21471269, 21393279, 85124653, 21395827, C0165-SA, C17-0089
Mack / Volvo D13   DOC Mack / Volvo D13 DOC   21212405, 21756505, C0097-ID
Mack / Volvo: MP8   DPF Mack / Volvo: MP8   20864316
Mack / Volvo: MP8   DOC Mack / Volvo: MP8 DOC   21756506, 21212407, C0075-ID
Mack/Volvo MP7 DPF Mack/Volvo MP7 DPF   20863859, 21850651, 86000761, 85001352, 85000751, C0007-SA, VN1203, C17-0044


Vehicle MakeEngineTypeSpecsOur Part #OEM Part #
Peterbilt Cummins ISX DPF Cummins ISX   A040M143, 5295604NX, 5283283
Peterbilt Cummins ISX DPF Cummins ISX   C17-0079, C0107-SA, 5295609NX, 2510616C91, 2510795C91, A041D448, 3989618C91, 5295609NX, 2510795C91, 5579295RX
Peterbilt / Paccar MX Peterbilt DPF Paccar MX   2131533PEX
Peterbilt / Paccar MX   DPF Paccar MX DPF   5295609, 5295609NX, 1906311, 1906311PE, 1906311PEX, 2510616C91, 2510795C91, 5011031R91, 5283286, 5283286NX, C0159-SA
2011 Peterbilt 386 CAT C13 DPF CAT C13 DPF   10R-6089, 173-3481, 291-8519, 293-9990, 291-8519, 294-8694, C0012-SA, C17-0051


Vehicle MakeEngineTypeSpecsOur Part #OEM Part #
Volvo   DPF Mack / Volvo: D13/MP8   21212431, 21212426, 21212428, 21212429, 21212431, 21415912, 22413830, 22810502, 22810503, VN1206, C0061-SA, C0064-SA, C17-0057, 21756428, 21756429
Volvo   DPF Volvo DPF   21716414, 21716416, 22936982, 23108407, 7421716414
Volvo   SCR Volvo SCR   21311953
Volvo   DPF Mack/Volvo MP7   20231111, 20992181, 21048577, 21804785, 21817835, 85000899, 85003793, 85125682, C0049-SA, C17-0035
Volvo VNL D13 DOC Volvo VNL D13 DOC   21850645, 85001355, 20864129, C20-0009, C0009-ID,


Vehicle MakeEngineTypeSpecsOur Part #OEM Part #
Cummins ISB   DPF Cummins ISB DPF   2871461NX, Q629355, 3618711, C17-0081, C0128-SA
Detroit Detroit Diesel: MB OM926 DPF Detroit Diesel: MB OM926   A6804910094
Dodge 5500 Cummins ISB 6.7 DPF/DOC combo DPF/DOC combo, Dodge ISB6.7    
Ford F550 Powerstroke 6.5 DPF Powerstroke 6.5 DPF   9C3Z5H221A
Isuzu NPR   DPF Isuzu NPR 4HK1 DPF   8-98287-808-0 / 8982878080
Isuzu NPR   DOC Isuzu NPR 4HK1 DOC   8-98204-940-1 / 8982049401
Navistar: MaxxForce 13   DPF Navistar: MaxxForce 13   2603961C91, 2604823C91, 2604823R91, 3859549C93, 3886127C91, 5010844R1, 3930745C91, C0091-SA, C17-0059
Navistar: MaxxForce 7/DT   DPF Navistar: MaxxForce 7/DT DPF   2594165C91, 2594165R91, 5010830R91, MK1223, C0047-SA, C17-0053
  Cummins ISC DPF Cummins ISC   2594131C91, 2604430C91, 2604430R91, 2605039C91, 2612512C91, 2612521C91, 2613113C91, 3712647C91, 5010832R91, 5010843R1, 5010853R1, A00420195, A00574039, 82002806, C17-0064, C0048-SA
    DOC Cummins ISX DOC   1837300PE, 2880582NX, 5298340NX, 4353249NX, 5286910NX, C0111-ID, C0127-ID, 1978266
  Cummins DPF Cummins ISB DPF   5295603NX, C0161-SA, C17-0091
  Cummins DOC Cummins ISM DOC   5287521NX, 4965223NX, A035H536, C20-004, C0043-ID, MN0403, C20-0004
  Cummins ISB DOC Cummins ISB DOC   4965285NX, 5287480NX, A035H236, C20-001, C0103-ID, C20-0001
  Detroit Diesel DD15 ONE BOX Onebox - fully loaded with 2x DPF & C&G   A6804908914, A4804907392, A6804903236, A6804904456
  Cummins ISC DOC Cummins ISC DOC   C0092-ID, 4965353NX, 5287489NX
  Cummins ISC DPF Cummins ISC DPF   4969838NX, Q621371, Q623316, Q623804, 4969839NX, 4965286NX, C0003-SA, C17-0042,
  Cummins ISX DOC Cummins ISX DOC   2888248, 4965225NX, 2888248NX, A030W857, C20-006, C0038-ID, XN0501, C20-0006
  Cummins ISX DOC Cummins ISX   2880505NX, C0106-ID, 4353251RX, C0211-ID
    DPF Detroit Diesel DD13/15 DPF   A0004903492, EA6804910794, RA0014907192, RA6804910794, C0029-SA, C17-0067, A6804910794, EA0014907192
    DPF/DOC combo Hino 6 Cyl JO8E   S1805E0270/S1850E0281
    ONE BOX Onebox - DOC/SCR Assembly   A6804908914 / A6804907392 / Reman Kit A6804903236 / A6804904456
  Cummins ISX DOC Cummins ISX   2888261, 2888261NX, 4969718, 4969718NX, 4965053, 4965053NX, 2596690C91
    DOC Cummins ISX   5298349NX, 4353221NX, 2871577NX, 1837303PE, C0070-ID, 1978264PE, C0143-ID
    DPF Navistar: MaxxForce 13 DPF   2604046C91, 2604830C91, 2604830R91, 3859691C94, 5010845R1, CP232717, C0079-SA, C17-0056
    DPF CAT DPF (390-0675)   390-0673 / 390-0675 / 390-0637
    DOC Mack / Volvo D13 / MP8 DOC   20864132, 85000779, 85001354, 21850647, C0116-ID
  CAT C7 and C15 DPF DPF for CAT C7 / C15 (inc C&G)   304-7578, 304-7579, 10R-6082, 302-5204
    DPF Cummins ISL DPF   2871459, 2871459NX, Q629361, CJ1205-K, C0125-SA, C17-0074
    DOC Cummins DOC   2880499NX, BG0407, C0200-ID