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Grand Rock is the leader in offering you everything you need to replace your truck exhaust. With over 3,000 part numbers available and climbing, Grand Rock has the largest selection of universal replacement truck exhaust components. No one else in the industry can offer you the same extensive offering of complete truck exhaust systems. All of our exhaust systems are on our shelves so that we can quickly get you what you need, when you need it.

To view our extensive collection of truck exhaust components, just click on one of the links below or open our catalog to see for yourself. Why shop at several locations when you can shop at Grand Rock for all of your truck exhaust replacement needs?


When you look at a truck, what do you see? Some see a piece of equipment for hauling product from point A to point B. Others see their dreams achieved. They see the sweat and tears that create the back-bone of a country. At Grand Rock, that is how we see it!

Your truck is a sense of purpose and a symbol of a great country moving forward. To us, they are art! And like true art, it just doesn’t cut it to own a lower quality duplicate. That is why, for more than three generations, those that see their trucks as more than pieces of equipment have turned to Grand Rock for their chrome exhaust stacks!

Grand Rock Chrome Stacks are the premier truck stacks! They are second –to-none and are renowned for their quality, smoothness, and shine! We take great care in making sure that our products are the most premium quality, with rigorous quality standards and manufacturing processes. This is a difference you can actually see and feel!

When you buy Grand Rock Chrome Stacks you get the genuine article, made in America by a business that cares as much about your truck as you do. Those who love their trucks buy Grand Rock Chrome!

We always love to see what you have done with your work of art, so please share your pictures of your chrome stacks with us by sending them to

Due to the higher heat output of Emissions Components, Grand Rock cannot warrant the Chrome Plating for any item installed on any truck made after 2007. As a solution, ceramic heat barrier coatings can be applied at an additional cost, alleviating the concern. Thank you, Grand Rock appreciates your business and understanding of any inconvenience this may cause.


Why buy the POWERFLOW exhaust system?
Precise fit, no need to hammer or "adjust" anything Hammering, prying and "tweaking" required
Remetalized, coated weld area, no premature rust on seams Uncoated welds rust
Deburred 1/2" rod hangers, no sharp edges or burrs (33% thicker) 3/8" wire hangers, rough sharp edges
Welded double saddle, flattened bolt hangers, won't crush pipe Open saddle, round bolt hangers crush pipe
All brackets are zinc plated to prevent rust Raw steel rusts
POWERFLOW uses AccuSeal™ clamps to join pipes together, these don't crush the pipes, exhaust joints are serviceable Round bolt clamps crush tubes together, requires cutting or hammering to service
All tubes are deburred and cleaned, no sharp edges or saw chips Non-deburred ends, sharp edges and saw chips
Beautiful durable chrome tip with a polished stainless clamp that follows the OE angles No chrome, angles out, not OE style
Shipped in 1 heavy duty box to reduce freight costs and damage Multiple boxes and unboxed pipe
Bottom line, a MUCH better kit overall. Fit, finish and quality makes the POWERFLOW kit a better value A little bit cheaper on price, a LOT cheaper on quality

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