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Exhaust Parts


Kenworth Truck Exhaust Parts

Newer Kenworth Aerocab exhaust layout with 2 catalytic converters A K180-18610-525 Kenworth Aerocab exhaust elbow long B M66-1266 Kenworth Aerocab exhaust Y-pipe for newer models C K180-1637-10 Kenworth exhaust 5″ flex pipe D N075120N062 Kenworth Aerocab exhaust elbow for newer models E M66-1082 x160085N090 Kenworth exhaust elbow for newer Aerocab models F M-899 M120834 Kenworth Aerocab catalytic muffler G M66-1270CP Kenworth left elbow for 40″ battery box H K180-90561CP Kenworth Aerocab exhaust pipe I M66-1270RCP Kenworth [...]

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304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Vs 409 Aluminized Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes - What's the DIfference?

Bolting on a performance exhaust system adds an exciting new tone to your truck. But, that sweet song becomes annoying noise as corrosion eats away at your truck exhaust system. If you want the music to last, start with 304 Stainless Steel! Water, Sun and Salt is the natural enemy of anything, especially your exhaust system. During [...]

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Mitre Exhaust Stack Sizes

ID ENDS4" 48" P4-48EXC4" 84" P4-84EXC5" 36" P5-36EXC5" 48" P5-48EXC5" 60" P5-60EXC5" 72" P5-72EXC5" 84" P5-84EXC5" 96" P5-96EXC5" 108" P5-108EXC5" 120" P5-120EXC6" - 5" 72" SP6-72EXC-56" - 5" 84" SP6-84EXC-56" - 5" 96" SP6-96EXC-56" - 5" 108" SP6-108EXC-56" - 5" 114" SP6-114EXC-56" 72" P6-72EXC6" 84" P6-84EXC6" 96" P6-96EXC6" 108" P6-108EXC6" 114" P6-114EXC7" - 5" 72" [...]

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Straight Exhaust Stack Sizes

ID ENDS3" 24" S3-24EXA -3" 36" S3-36EXA -3.5" 24" S35-24EXA -3.5" 36" S35-36EXA -3.5" 48" S35-48EXA -3.5" 60" S35-60EXA -4" 12" S4-12EXA -4" 18" S4-18EXA -4" 24" S4-24EXA S4-24EXC4" 36" S4-36EXA S4-36EXC4" 48" S4-48EXA S4-48EXC4" 60" S4-60EXA S4-60EXC4" 72" S4-72EXA S4-72EXC5" 12" S5-12EXA S5-12EXC5" 18" S5-18EXA S5-18EXC5" 24" S5-24EXA S5-24EXC5" 36" S5-36EXA S5-36EXC5" 48" S5-48EXA [...]

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Curved Stack Pipe Part Numbers

ID ENDED PIPES3" 12" K3-12EXA K3-12EXC3" 18" K3-18EXA -3" 24" - K3-24EXC3.5" 12" K35-12EXA K35-12EXC3.5" 18" K35-18EXA -3.5" 36" K35-36EXA K35-36EXC3.5" 48" - K35-48EXC4" 12" K4-12EXA K4-12EXC4" 18" K4-18EXA K4-18EXC4" 24" K4-24EXA K4-24EXC4" 36" K4-36EXA K4-36EXC4" 48" K4-48EXA K4-48EXC4" 60" K4-60EXA K4-60EXC4" 72" - K4-72EXC4" 84" - K4-84EXC4" 96" - K4-96EXC5" 12" K5-12EXA K5-12EXC5" 18" [...]

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Top Exhaust Pipes for Big Rigs

If you are looking for the best exhaust stacks for your big rig truck, look no further.   The Top Exhaust pipes are as follows.ElbowsStacksClampsOEM KenworthOEM Peterbilt

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Stainless Steel Exhaust Benefits

Do I Need A Stainless or Aluminized Steel Exhaust System?Almost every exhaust manufacturer offers stainless steel exhaust systems because: Stainless steel often looks better and can be polished (depending on the grade)Stainless steel is very resistant to corrosion, so it’s easier to warranty than aluminized steelThe question is, are these reasons good enough for you to [...]

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Exhaust Manifolds

When was the last time that you checked your exhaust manifold? Was it when you last had an exhaust leak?Exhaust manifolds are the ‘leading role’ of your engines exhaust system, yet when there is an exhaust leak they are not the first thing to be checked. The exhaust system itself has many parts, some are [...]

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Types of Exhaust Metals

Diesel Exhaust Product MaterialsThere are several materials used in heavy duty diesel exhaust applications. Some of the materials are appropriate for heavy duty applications. Other choices are not durable at the temperatures generated by diesel engines, especially with new pollution control systems, and should be avoided to provide acceptable service life. Materials selected must not [...]

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